PETROCONAS, is a licensed customs broker and an international freight forwarder. We specialise in the handling and shipping of goods by air, ocean and land. We offer a ONE STOP SOLUTION - customizing freight forwarding and logistic services to accommodate to the unique needs of every client. PETROCONAS is the trusted name in international freight forwarding. By setting a high-level standard for specialised services with the use of sophisticated technology, PETROCONAS has emerged into the ken of the international freight forwarding business in providing world class solutions – both locally and internationally.

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Our customers are our most valuable and important assets; the basis of our existence. We understand that transportation is vital to our clients’ business activities. Therefore, we stress on flexibility in our services, so that every client is presented with uniquely-tailored solutions.

The close rapport built over the years, allow us to understand our clients well and cater to their specific requirements.

We offer transport solutions across the globe, by land, sea, and air. We are supporters of an efficient, international network, comprising of highly qualified agents and partners.

As a result, clients save considerable amounts of money, and time.

We execute orders and produce results to the satisfaction of our customers and other business partners - results which extend beyond the high standards of our partners.

However, like the athlete, we stand guided that it is always possible to improve. We know that improvements are essential to guarantee that our customers and we, at PETROCONAS, stay in the forefront. This instils great strength and motivation for innovation and development.

We continuously seek alternative solutions to fulfil your specific needs in the best and most efficient manner. This has indeed, proved very profitable for all our customers.

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