PETROCONAS, is a licensed customs broker and an international freight forwarder. We specialise in the handling and shipping of goods by air, ocean and land. We offer a ONE STOP SOLUTION - customizing freight forwarding and logistic services to accommodate to the unique needs of every client. Ever prolific, PETROCONAS is the trusted name in international freight forwarding. We, at PETROCONAS, are truly dedicated to the task of providing skilled and meticulous services to ensure the satisfaction of our valued clients. By setting a high-level standard for specialised services with the use of sophisticated technology, PETROCONAS has emerged into the ken of the international freight forwarding business in providing world class solutions – both locally and internationally.


The contentment and satisfaction of our valued clients are the fundamental driving forces behind the continuous efforts in improving ourselves daily. We are fully committed and prepared to render complete and outstanding services, regardless of any unforeseen obstacles during the course of the execution of our services. We strongly believe in the close compliance with the requests and requirements established by our clients in order to provide exceptional service quality. To us, success is a necessity with every task we undertake.

Perfection can only be achieved with unfaltering professionalism, trustworthiness, and relentless efforts by our highly qualified and experienced personnel, each complying with the standards expected by our clients. We are proud to have such associates among us and we believe in their experiences, capabilities and commitment to continuous training and self-improvement.

Devoted work ethics, reliability, precision, quality and service are our forte. Our many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the industry guarantee that we are truly capable in delivering the best solutions to our clients, every time.

All our shipments are closely supervised, from start to finish. Should unforeseen problems arise, we will take immediate action and our clients, ascertained with the best alternative solution. Our vast experience, resourcefulness and competence as an international freight forwarding establishment ensure safe shipments, instilling confidence in our clients.

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